Dino Suite.

Dino 3+1+1 Suite

FROM €3,198 €1,999

The Dino is available as a full collection of 3 Seater, 2 Seater and Armchair options. Luxury leather draped over lavishly filled cushions make an extremely desirable collection for your home. With recliners for extra comfort, the Dino has luxury written all over it.

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3 Seater:               2 Seater:               Chair:

Height 103cm     Height 103cm      Height 103cm

Width 96cm        Width 96cm         Width 96cm

Length 216cm     Length 158cm      Length 102cm


3 Seater €1629.00 now €1299.00

2 Seater €1479.00 now €1099.00

Chair €1095.00 now €799.00

3+1+1 Set price €3198.00 now €1999.00