Fabio Corner

Fabio Corner

FROM €3,295 €2,099

The Fabio is a sofa you’ll love to sink into at the end of a long day, upholstered in a plush chenille fabric with a huge selection of colours to choose from , it’s a perfect complement to your living room. Order direct online now or come visit us in our showrooms.

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Measurements:  Corner  3Str  2Str  Chair

Height:    89cm     89cm      89cm      89cm
Width:     305cm   104cm    104cm   104cm
Length:    197cm   223cm    186cm   134cm



Corner was €3295.00 now €2099.00
3 Seater was €1795.00 now €1199.00
2 Seater was €1499.00 now €1099.00
Chair was €949.00 now €699.00