4’6 Innergy Visco Mattress + Divan

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The Innergy Visco bed, after sleeping in this bed you will be energised and ready for the day, one of our best selling divan beds and built to last. Details include, Visco memory foam, 1600 zoned pocket coil springs, Eco base and a turn-free mattress also. Thinking of changing your current bed well then the Innergy Visco is well worth a look. Also available in 3ft, 5ft sizes and with or without drawers.

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4’6 Mattress was €895.00 now €599.00

4’6 Divan Set was €1099.00 now €799.00

4’6 4/Drawer Set was €1275.00 now €999.00

5ft Mattress was €975.00 now €699.00

5ft Divan Set was €1159.00 now €899.00

5ft 4/Drawer Set was €1375.00 now €1099.00


  • Height 73cm
  • Width 137cm
  • Length 190cm

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4'6", 5"