• A minimum 50% deposit is required to process your order. The balance must be paid prior to delivery by cash, credit or debit card. If more than one delivery is required to complete your order: the balance due in respect of each delivery must be paid for prior to that delivery. The 50% deposit on the undelivered portion will be retained.
  • Lead times: Many of Furniture Designs sales are special orders, orders made especially for you from the factory.   Our products are subject to availability from our suppliers, we can only give general guidance or an approximate lead time at the time you place your order. This lead time quoted by our sales people may be taken as an  indication only and is an estimate based on past experience.

Lead times on a specified order, if any, is an estimate only and time shall not be of the essence.

Stock due dates are not guaranteed but we will do our utmost to ensure products are delivered by the stated date or within a reasonable period thereafter. Furniture Designs cannot accept any liability for any delay or failure to deliver that is beyond our reasonable control.

  • Stock items must be paid within 7 days.
  • No exchange on order-in products.
  • Delivery time: When an order is ready for delivery and paid in full, a delivery will be scheduled thereafter. Although we are unable to give a specific time of day for deliveries, we will try to accommodate all customers where possible. You will be contacted to schedule your delivery on a given day. In the event that a scheduled delivery is cancelled by you or a redelivery must take place, a fee will apply.
  • Orders must be paid in full and delivered within 14 days of our contacting you. Where an order has been paid in full within 14 days but has not been delivered, a storage charge of €25.00 will be applied per week unless agreed in writing at time of sale.
  • Please note the size and dimensions of the merchandise you have ordered and ensure that the item of furniture will fit in the designated room and through a passage, stairwell, landing and doorways on the way to the destination room. Furniture Designs will not accept responsibility for any furniture that will not fit into its intended location.
  • Collection: All items must be paid in full prior to collection. Customers must have a copy of the original sales docket and present this at the Collection Point as proof of purchase. Please consider the dimensions, size and suitability of the vehicle that is being used to collect goods. If items cannot be loaded safely or without damage into the pickup vehicle, our  staff  may politely decline to load onto vehicle. For goods collected, transport will be entirely at the risk of the customer. Please inspect all your new furniture at the time of pick-up. Furniture Designs cannot be held responsible for any transit damage caused thereafter. If there are any items that do not meet your approval, inform our staff immediately. 48 hours’ notice must be given for collection of products.
  • Assembly of Beds and Furniture: An Assembly service can be arranged for at an additional fee. When opening the box/packaging please do not use a knife or a blade. Having unpacked your furniture, check that it is complete and all parts are present. Ensure all fittings have been removed before disposing of packaging. This should not be left within reach of children as it may be dangerous. For ‘self-assembly’ furniture, read the assembly instructions before starting. Identify the parts of your furniture and follow the assembly sequence. Avoid use of force when assembling parts; be careful not to over tighten fittings during assembly. In order to avoid any damage during assembly, use the appropriate tools and work on a surface covered by carpet or other protective layer. Please note, the feet for certain products may be found in the zip pocket underneath the suite. Assembly and installation must be done in accordance with our instructions. Failure to follow assembly instructions may result in poor performance of your product and void your warranty. This warranty does not cover any damaged or defective parts that result from incorrect installation and assembly, abuse, negligence or improper use. If instructions are not followed, we decline any liability in the event of damage caused to people or property as a result of incorrect installation. Where assembly instructions specify safety measures (markings for example), they must be complied with, if not, we will under no circumstances be considered liable for any harm that may occur. Where maximum loads are stated, please do not exceed these as this may lead to sub-standard performance, possible damage to the product and even collapse.
  • Furniture Designs reserves the right to charge a 30% administration fee for the cancellation of orders by customers for restocking, or issue a credit note for the paid amount of the order. Any authorised refund or credit note will be issued by post within 7 days of a product being returned or were an agreement has been made.
  • Damage: Customers must report any damage immediately. Furniture Designs will not be responsible for any damage not reported at the time of delivery.
  • All mattresses are delivered in clear packaging and must be inspected by the customer on delivery as once opened cannot be returned.
  • Colour variation, while every reasonable effort will be made to colour matches, fabrics and leather may vary due to dye lots variations. Furniture Designs will not be responsible for colour variation in the event that matching items are not purchased together.
  • Furniture Designs offers a free 3 year guarantee on sofa frame construction, we also cover your furniture for 1 year against any defects which may arise, under normal use. Leather, bonded and polyurethane surfaces are guaranteed for a year as of the date of delivery. We offer a 1 year guarantee on all occasional, dining and bedroom furniture and all mattresses.
  • Guarantee applies to furniture utilised under normal household use and conditions by the original purchaser and maintained in accordance with the care instructions provided. This guarantee does not cover the following; Damage to the leather or fabrics caused by the application of inappropriate chemicals, detergents or softeners or other treatments; Damage caused by corrosive materials, such as acids, solvents ,dyes, inks, paints, or human or animal body fluids; Damage from direct exposure to sunlight and/or heat sources, and similar conditions, with resulting discolouration. Any abuse or neglect will void this guarantee.
  • If any dispute arises on any matter between the Furniture Designs and the customer, Furniture Designs will appoint an engineer who will decide the outcome of the dispute. The customer will agree to be bound by the findings of the engineer in all matters which are in dispute. Before the engineer is engaged, the customer will contribute €60 towards his fee which will be refunded  if the engineer decides the dispute in favour of the customer. Findings by the engineer in favour of the customer will be redressed by repairs being carried out by Furniture Designs at the expense of Furniture Designs, or if repair is not an advisable  remedy, by and only and solely by the issue of an appropriate amount of store credit, which shall not in any circumstances exceed  that sale price of the goods.
  • No warranty will be given on any product marked shop soiled, display model, or as seen in the showrooms.


Thank you for choosing Furniture Designs.